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NF Summer Camps: An Information Session


Join us for this lunch & learn info session about summer camp opportunities for children with neurofibromatosis! Representatives from camps in the northeast will be sharing details about the unique experiences that their camps offer.

Tuesday Takeaways Session #2 with Dr. Rebecca Brown


October 17th - Dr. Rebecca Brown—Assistant Professor in the Department of Neurology at Mount Sinai Hospital—will dissect the evidence (or lack thereof) for how hormones affect tumors in NF1.

Tuesday Takeaways Session #3 with Leah & Dasher Manth


November 14th - Leah and Dasher Manth will be answering questions and discussing the benefits that a service dog can provide for patients and families affected by neurofibromatosis.

Tuesday Takeaways Session #1 with Jeffrey Malone


February 27th - Licensed Mental Health Counselor Jeffrey Malone will discuss identifying and coping with common mental health symptoms often experienced by those living with NF.

Tuesday Takeaways Session #3 with Robyn Fatseas


April 30th - Robyn Fatseas, Complex Child Development Specialist, will share creative and thoughtful solutions for initiating a desired behavior change in your child.